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Lotus Mandala Hooded Blanket

Even in the murkiest waters, the lotus blooms beautifully.  Know that you are always progressing, changing and regenerating - even your darkest moments are useful. Wear this lotus hooded blanket, sit in lotus pose, and be reminded of your glorious bloom.

This hooded blanket is soft and comfy,  made with suede polyester print on the outside soft microfiber fleece on the inside.

AND it comes in sizing for adults and kids.

Each hooded blanket is crafted individually to order.

Now, in point form!

  • Outer layer: Polyester suede print
  • Inner lining: soft microfiber fleece
  • SUPER soft and comfy
  • Vibrant print & hooded blanket awesomeness
  • Each blanket is made to order

Good things come to those who wait!
These hooded blankets are handmade to order, so we need 6-8 business days before we can ship them to you. If you order before midnight, your blanket will be included in the following day’s batch to create.  Once your blanket is complete, shipping will take 1-2 weeks.  You will love this blanket - well worth the wait!

We know you are patient and understanding, and we love you for it.